Pros and cons of picking out the best random orbit sander

Hey, guys, ready for your next DIY project? And thinking of buying a great random orbit sander this time around? Well, have we got news for you. If you are here, then you are in the right place. Without mentioning any product names at this stage, we’re going to mention a few pros and cons you should be looking out for to help you source your best random orbit sander from the net.

Hey, here’s a great idea. Let’s start off with the bad. Then this story can end on a positive note. Isn’t that how all great stories are written. Everybody likes a happy ending to their meaty story, even DIY guys like you. In online speak this is what is meant by talking about the pros and cons. And in this positive spirit, we start off with the cons and close with the pros.

Right, ready to turn the power on? Ready, steady, and let’s go.

Be warned that there are a number of random orbit sanders out there that don’t have much in the way of variable speed control. They’re also not much good for collecting dust. They’re pretty much average, as they say. And some dust units, whether good or bad, are just so darn big. Having a big tool to lug around can be pretty cumbersome for DIY operations. And look out for those units that offer no more than a one year guarantee.

That’s like a smack in the face. It’s no guarantee at all. It’s actually like a smack in the face. Power failure, here we come. Or if not that, lower power usage can be expected from these sorts of appliances. 

Right, guys, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Time to tackle as many pros as positive. That’s speaking volumes for being positive. Positive things happen to positive guys, and all of that. So, here goes then. Only positive stuff on the way to your DIY store. DIY guys are fashionable guys too. So, stylish designs are possible for you out there. Also, smart use entails smart and compact, lightweight sizes. A world of possibilities for you out there. Just go and have a look-see.

This means optimized ability to maneuver. Plenty of room to maneuver. Pack it away when you’re done and dusted. Good random orbit sander packages come with neat carry bags. Dynamite comes in small packages. And long life warranties, usually starting around three years. Waiting for the dust to settle before you make your final choice? No problem. Wait, there’s more. The best random orbit sanders out there have brilliant dust collection units.

best random orbit sander

Things are no longer manual these days. Everything is on autopilot. New handlers of orbit sanders might like the feel of automatic speed control. We could have got carried away here. Because there’s plenty much pros still that haven’t been mentioned here. But it’s time to head off to the DIY store. Cheers, guys!